Whether it is the big screen or the small screen that you want your content on, the online platforms, the in-flights, or selling hard copies – We will make it happen!
Since 2013 our team has been covering the length and width of the world.
Our skilled and experienced professionals will find the right approach to bring your productions to the audiences of the world that you dream of… and even to reach a bit beyond!

We already have well-established connections and partners all around the globe and a substantial database of contacts!
In the past, our distribution team participated in some of the major international events (content markets, media expos, and film festivals) worldwide (Dubai, the USA, China, Germany, South Africa, Tunisia, Mexico, UK, and others). Currently, the team takes advantage of the online content distribution events and meetings, but also physically attends significant media and film markets events worldwide.
From the great hustle of chasing suitable acquisitions to the bureaucracy of follow-ups and negotiating, we are here for the rescue, with a constantly refreshed and updated contacts database!