Bulgaria – a crossroad between the East and the West. 

Being a European union state, Bulgaria offers many work possibilities and experienced professionals in plenty of fields. The country offers a business-friendly environment, a well educated workforce, and a lot more to offer. The country has one of the fastest internet connections in the world and it is 10th in the world for IT specialists. Each year the number of foreign companies that are investing in Bulgaria is growing. They could all agree that Bulgaria offers a great economic climate for any type of projects and can offer a great number of opportunities for expanding and further developing your business.

One thing Bulgaria is certainly rich of is mountains, with the alpine Rila and Pirin massifs and their rocky, pointed summits with hundreds of blue glacial lakes, or the Balkan range with its stunning waterfalls and sunny meadows, or maybe the Rhodopes with their lush forests and fascinating trails. The Bulgarian mountains will charm you with their fantastic views and offer some of the best hiking routes in Europe. In Bulgaria you may also enjoy a fantastic adventure in the snowy summits and dramatic ridges of the mountain ranges. Sunny days, amazing scenery and a superb variety of routes for beginners to professionals awaits. And let’s not forget about the Bulgarian food as it is fresh and very tasty, famous for its quality vegetables, dairy products and its variety of mild spices.


We are anticipating welcoming you here and working together!