Production house


Savo’s Productions was established by the founders of RS Productions in the Middle East.

RS Productions has been serving the entertainment world for 25 years already. They have provided services for more than 20 feature films, around 30 documentary films, 40 children’s television shows, 12 talk shows, over 100 episodes and commercials. RS Productions has extensive experience in historical movies, commercials and video clips. As successors to RS Productions, Savo’s Productions is successfully incorporating their years of knowledge, expertise and experience into their current work. Savo’s Productions is maximizing available Bulgarian resources like the quality studios, technical staff and more. We are shooting commercials, feature films, reports etc.

Our offices are located at the biggest movie studio in Eastern Europe. Cooperating and working closely, we can offer a smooth, high-level professional and convenient work process. Situated in the heart of the Balkans, we are just a short flight away to all other points in Europe, strategic parts of Asia and Mediterranean Africa as well!

Crews & teams:

From Production managers and Designers, to PA’s, the professionals we work with have years of solid experience gained working with big and small productions, features and commercials.

Starting from budgets and schedules, our professionals manage every step of the process until “and it’s a wrap”! All crew members speak fluent English and in case it’s needed some of us speak Arabic, French, Spanish, Italian and Hebrew as well.

Locations and sets

London, New York, Ancient Rome, Biblical village – they are all sets in our backyard here at the studio. Apart from the standing sets we can provide or build for you, Bulgaria has the beauty of all four seasons. This gives us the opportunity to have desert, rainforest, seaside or mountain at not more than three hours driving distance. Thanks to our experienced location managers, we can give you fast and accurate answers on where exactly in Bulgaria you can place your next project.


From cameras, lights, cranes, dollies to the latest rigs – we have it all! Give us your idea – angle, movement, height, ambiance, and we will provide you with the right tools to achieve the result. If what you are looking for is quality – you are in the right place!

SFX and make- up

The department eager to either blow up a building or create an alien beauty is here to make your vision as realistic as it can get. On the other hand, our make-up artists recreate looks from ancient times up to now and way ahead in the future with simple moves of their brushes.


What would “Evita” be without all the 85 costume changes, 39 hats and 45 pairs of shoes?! Exactly! At hand, we have three-story building that houses the fashion traditions from many centuries ago, until the imaginary visions of what a future trend might be. If you have a different idea, our designers and tailors will create it!


“Where are the forks?” – a question so simple in one’s daily routine, but one that can waste plenty of time on set if the Props guy isn’t always prepared. From forks to big vehicles from the last century, we’ve got you covered. With ease, we can deliver all types of furniture, cars or jewels needed for your scenes.


In a country as diverse in population as Bulgaria, there is an array of models and actors from all sorts of ethnicities and age ranges that you might need for your next project. We are in tune with the local talent pool, yet we can reach to larger markets to cast any production’s expectation and vision. We have experienced casting directors who can make the search for talent a breeze.