About us


Robert Savo, CEO

Son of famous Middle Eastern director Robert started his career at the age of 14. His first job was as a camera assistant and today he has 31 years of broad based experience in production field. Determined to succeed without the help of his parents, he learned everything from the best teacher – experience. He has built an extensive career working as a cameraman for television, both locally and internationally. News, sports, entertainment, children’s programming – he has done it all. He was responsible for the live broadcast of the signing of the Peace Treaty between Israel and Jordan in 1994. For two years in a row Robert oversaw the worldwide, live Christmas broadcast from Bethlehem. Robert has worked for many well-known broadcasters, including, BBC, CNN, Fox News, ORF and NHK.

Currently, he is working on many diverse projects including directing and producing more than 15 hours of feature film content. At present, the apex of his producing and directing career is “The Savior” film which has been shown in nearly every place around the world – from Australia to Russia and from USA to Indonesia.

Zlatena Fortunova

Zlatena coordinates all the video & sound editing projects. She is always willing to get involved whenever there are hardware, software or technical issues involved. She absolutely loves spending time in the beauty of nature, especially at a seaside, probably because she was born in a city on the Black Sea coast.

Elitsa Petrova

Elitsa uses her studies in philosophy and psychology rather skillfully as a Producer. She is extremely organized and a self-starter who has a real feel for what the next big thing might be. She was the first to organize flash-mobs in her country as it trended in the world.

On her days off, Elly is in constant motion, in search of adventures and on the hunt for stories. When she stays trapped in the big city she often likes to do all sorts of sports.

Noura Al Kadri

Noura is the Distribution manager in Savo’s Productions. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and five languages up her sleeve, Noura easily connects East and West in search for what best suits each production on her plate.

She is a big fan of graphic novels, new restaurants, and Indie music. She loves equally American and European movies, as well as, cats and dogs.